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Austin Eastciders

Rosé Dry Cider Rosé the Texas Way! This well-rounded dry cider contains real rose petals for a unique take on the traditional dry rosé flavor. Paired with crisp cider apples, black currant, and hibiscus; this cider releases sweet cherry and floral notes making it the...

Mionetto Prosecco

From the hills of Vento, just north of Treviso, Italy we bring you Mionetto Prosecco. This brut, high quality Prosecco DOC has the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. With notes of golden apples, white peaches, and honey- this sparkling wine pairs well with...

Island Rain

Island Rain is the first of its kind; a hard sparkling water with no added sugar, no carbs, and is completely gluten free. Enjoy the light and crisp taste of coconut and lime over ice for an afternoon refresher beachside or in the backyard. This hard water is the...

Southern Corn Whiskey

SOUTHERN CORN WHISKEY, 13th Colony Distilleries As the first aged spirit released by 13th Colony Distilleries, the Southern Corn Whiskey boasts a smooth but complex flavor with hints oak, spice, butter, and sweetcorn. This traditional Southern recipe is aged in old...

Furlani Winery

Frulani Rosso comes from a small Alpine town in Northern Italy located at a 700 meter elevation. The all organic, sulfate free wine is a prized variety in the region and boasts a unique and robust flavor. The sweetness of the Rosso is balanced perfectly to pair on a...

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