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Old Soul Bourbon

  Old Soul is a very unique blend of whiskey. Each barrel is reviewed by nose and palate. This bourbon is aged in a traditional 53-gallon, white oak barrel. It receives its name for showing the maturity of much longer-aged bourbon. Mississippi's southern heat...

Oliver Minot La Boutanche

This 100% Gamay wine originates from the organically farmed Oliver Minot vineyards in Southern Beaujolais, France. It provides the consumer with ripe flavors of black cherry, blueberry, and blackberry. Pairing well with roasted meats and potatoes. Sure to be enjoyed...

Sun Burst

Sun Burst: Sour Ale AVAILABILITY In store at The Bottle Shop Columbus. As summer comes to a close and you aren't ready to let go yet, Sun Burst is the Ale for you! This limited edition sour ale is (Sun)Bursting with the refreshing flavors of raspberry and lemon.  A...
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Etowah Meadery

Switch up your fall wine of choice by trying wine’s much older sibling, mead, with Etowah Meadery’s Southern Luau. Known as the ‘Drink of Gods,’ or the oldest alcohol libation, mead is commonly linked to be a drink of choice from eras past. Mead or honey wine, unlike...

High Noon Sun Sips

School may be back in session but keep the fun going with a can of High Noon Sun Sips! Sun Sips is made with real vodka, real fruit juice and sparkling water. Enjoy the different flavors of High Noon Sun Sips without the guilt as there is no added sugar and are gluten...

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